Thursday, July 20, 2006

PC runs too slow

Your computer becomes slow due to several reasons. I have listed here generalized solutions, that you can try to improve the speed of your PC.

Defrag your system using Windows defrag utility. ( Start => Programs => Accessories => System Tools => Disk Defragmenter )

Try disabling unwanted Auto run software's. ( you will see a few in the systary)

Try running scandisk on all your partitions.( Start => Programs => Accessories => System Tools => Scandisk )

Run your antivirus with its latest virus definitions. A virus may be the cause of pc slow down.. ( You can use a good free anti virus like AVG free edition.)

Run your anti spy ware software to find and eliminate any Spy wares installed on your computer. (In most cases this is the real problem)

Un-install all unwanted software's and games. ( Start => Settings => Control Panel => Add Remove Programs ).

If your system has less RAM (Primary Memory), Better add more RAM. A min 256 MB fro XP, the more the better!

Delete all unwanted files ( You can use System Mechanic for this ).

Turn off your PC. Open your system cabinet and check for cable loose connection. Some times loose cable connections also cause system slow problem.

Download and update your hardware drivers.


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